Feed Them Cake!

Feed Them Cake!


Volunteers from Drive Hart were fed cake by staff for hosting three Under 17 Driving Introduction Workshops yesterday on the playing fields.


Drive Hart volunteer Instructors took to the South Wilts  School Careers Day in force yesterday, together with the Co-Directors of Drive Hart, Sarah Hart and Julia Clayton, Drive Hart Driving Instructors Gareth, Maria Wood, Rachel Cox and Scott Conner pictured below led the sessions on the playing fields of South Wilts School.


Picture of Volunteer instructors at SWGS Event – Sarah Hart, Gareth Thatcher, Maria Wood, Rachel Cox and Scott Connor

Three separate workshops, introduced SWGS Year 10 Students to basic car control with some great results and by close of play pleased to report only 2 cones hit the dust! as the students negotiated the practice area.


Director Sarah Hart, as OIC the event kept a watchful eye on students – acting as the workshop “Ring Master” with eyes in back of her head to ensure all moves were safe and the event kept on time, pictured below in her role:


Sarah Hart – Director of Drive Hart performing the ring master role at SWGS Careers Day Driving Workshops for under 17!


Students completing the workshop were awarded their Certificates for the Driving Experience which can be used for their DOE skills evidence.  The end of Workshop Awards pics below –

Well done to all those Year 10’s who completed the workshops – the standard of driving and reversing was excellent”  Sarah Hart

Scott Connor, volunteer Driving Instructor at South Wilts Career Day helping out with the workshops presenting his students certificates.

Students being awarded Certificates for completing their workshop with Rachel Cox, volunteer Instructor at South Wilts Careers Day june 24

Maria Wood volunteer instructor at SWGS Driving Workshop June 24


Having far too much fun, Students with Scott Connor on their under 17 workshop at the careers day South Wilts School June 24


Gareth Thatcher, volunteer Instructor at Careers Day helping with construction jobs as well as driving workshops


Interestly, when asked during the sessions most students attending said their parents drove Automatic Cars, which may be a sign of things to come!.  12 Students got hands on experience of driving an automatic car and 24 manual. Check out this article on how automatic cars are replacing manual in the UK at a rapid rate.    See below our Automatic Instructor Rachel Cox introducing students to auto driving in her new Auto Toyota:



At the end of the three sessions the cry went up from the School Staff …..”Feed them Cake”……. School staff fed the volunteer instructors cake to thank them for their participation…..pictured below Rachel Cox, Auto Instructor pleased to accept her reward!



A Good Day Was Had By All….Thank you to all at South Wilts School – Staff and Students for your kind hospitality, we hope you enjoyed the workshops.  Sarah Hart & Julia clayton (Directors) 

Drive Hart – committed to supporting Salisbury Communities/Schools


Drive Hart are committed to supporting Salisbury Community and Schools events, if you want to speak to one of our Directors please email admin@drivehart.com with details of your request or call Sarah Hart on 07919 488360. Currently our focus is on Mobilize Now (increasing access to those with disability to driving lessons) and Schools, we also actively support Gromit Unleashed Charity (in aid of children’s hospital)