Webinar 2 – Parallel Parking

Webinar 2 – Parallel Parking

This on demand Webinar was originally released free of charge during lock down through subscription to our YouTube channel, but for those that miss the opportunity to view it, we have also placed a recording of the session on the attached link for a small fee payable via PayPal. The session demonstrates a key tip: namely that when your coaching a new complex skill or subject – break it down, and provide some aids to remembering key steps or markers. In this session, Sarah overviews the “Elephant and Lions” approach to breaking down, remembering and performing the Parallel Park consistently.

Key Points:

1. Good Strong observations before any of the key steering moves (360 degree obs look for cars and pedestrians all around)

2. Take your time, do not rush, keep your speed very slow so you can control and adjust if necessary.

3. Make sure you look at your 5 marker points which are discussed in the Webinar – this gives you accuracy.

4. Follow the steering guide – we use “Lions Roar Really Loudly” to helps you remember which way to steer and when.

Simple breakdown of the process….easy to remember which way to turn ….just think Lions !…….this link takes you to the on-demand paid Webinar: