Auto Ambition!

Auto Ambition!

Drive Hart are delighted to welcome our latest team member, Rachel Cox, who has joined Drive Hart as a Full Associate.

Rachel drives an automatic car, (on a DVSA training licence, sponsored by Drive Hart). She becomes the third member of our Auto Team, covering Salisbury.

Rachel has a keen interest in supporting those in the community with mobility requirements, when she qualifies. This month she attended Bournemouth Driving Instructors Association with Drive Hart Directors Sarah and Julia, to listen to a presentation by Jane Filipe from Queen Elizabeth Foundation. The input highlighted the critical need for more trained Instructors to offer driving lessons (in auto and manual cars) to those with disabilities and this input provided a great kick start to Rachel’s journey to become a specialist instructor.

To help Rachel achieve her ambition, we are also pleased to announce that Drive Hart will be supporting Rachel with a contribution towards specialist training in the coming months as part of its ‘Mobilize Now!’ community support programme.

“Rachel, you have shown fantastic drive and success in training, and have a genuine call to help those in need.

Have a great time on your pink. Remember keep calm, think ‘SWAN’ and call me anytime”.

Sarah Hart (Director / ORDIT)

For anyone who wants to know more about sponsorship with Drive Hart (as a Potential Driving Instructor), or train with us as an approved Instructor, please contact us on or call Sarah Hart on 07919 488360. We are always happy to discuss external PDI and ADI training needs and all our training team are A Graded – ORDIT Registered Instructor Trainers.

Mobilize Now! is a Drive Hart community programme which has three key goals; 1) Increase driving lessons for those people with disabilities or mobility needs. 2) Work collaboratively/effectively with specialist agencies to achieve our goals and get relevant specialist training to help us succeed. 3) To offer timely support for clients of specialist assessment teams – through a Director level ‘Priority Referral’ process.

As part of the programme Drive Hart will be funding elements of specialist training for Drive Hart Associated PDI and ADIs. If you want to know more about the ‘Mobilize Now!’ community support programme call our Directors Sarah Hart or Julia Clayton on 01722 705555 or email us at