Service Accredited

Service Accredited

Service accredited – Parents and students can rest assured that our services are of a high professional standards. Routinely steps are taken to help our team improve. We have Government registration and accreditation, and do checks with our students to ensure training quality.

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Drive Hart is inspected as part of our Government ORDIT Registered (Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers) and our Directors are qualified at A Grade, and attained Government (DVSA) ORDIT registration as approved training establishment.

Quality Checks on Lessons

We routinely observe lessons providing feedback to our Instructors to help them refine and improve their teaching. We also encourage parents to sit in on one or two lessons to familiarise themselves with how instruction is given and support their private practice session with their son or daughter.

Keeping Instructors Updated

We run continuous professional development sessions each month for all our Training and Full Associate Instructors. This means you can be confident that they are up to date and using the most effective training and coaching methods. Recently we have won the UK Driving Tuition Award for Innovation in Driving Tuition in 2023. (pic below shows our instructors at briefing day).

Complaint Reporting/Resolution

To keep standards high and address any issues promptly, we have established a confidential direct reporting process, so parents can speak to a Director if they have any issues or concerns. A clear complaints reporting policy is outlined in our Student Contracts with contact numbers to ensure a quick response and resolution to complaints. We work tirelely to gain and maintain client and student confidence and trust in our services.

working hard to gain and maintain full client trust in our services

Safeguarding/Standards Checks

All Drive Hart members get safeguarding advice and training. At Director level we have a nominated Safeguarding & Standards officer, Julia Clayton, (former Chief Officer of Police) with extensive safeguarding experience. Parents can at any time speak directly to us if they wish to. Regular call backs to students and clients are undertaken to ensure high standards in lessons and client communications. We support all national DVSA drive to safeguard students by monitoring and upholding professional standards.

Professional Standards

Drive Hart Instructors all sign up to maintain high levels of operating standards with DVSA. This official agreement ensures our students and clients get professionally delivered lessons. It also means our vehicles are maintained at high standards and fully covered for teaching driving. We undertake routine checks of in car teaching and vehicle standards/insurance to ensure students have a safe learning environment (in car) and parents can rest assured that their Daughter or Son are safe in our keeping.

Published Syllabus & Student App

Parents and students can keep track of lessons, with lesson updates and a record of costs or monies deposited for lessons through our Drive Hart (My Drive Time) system and Student application. Visibility on what subjects have been covered is in your hand, and can actively inform your private practice.

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“It is an absolute priority for our Instructors to ensure the safety and security of students whilst being taught to drive; with the ultimate goal of enabling them to become safe and competent drivers for life”.

Sarah Hart (ORDIT/Director of Operations)