Support Outstanding!

Support Outstanding!

Support Outstanding!


Learning to drive is not cheap and parents and students need to know they will get the best professional support from their Instructor.  Drive Hart as a team work hard to maintain the highest professional standards for our students and trainees.  


A key part of thi is recognising and setting “professional markers” of our performance – which involved identifying whats important to our students and clients, and actively seeking feedback on how we are performing, as well as our Directors monitoring trends – some key actions include :    


Setting/Maintaining Key Professional Markers! 


  • Publishing and monitoring instruction standards – each student gets a student contract with our responsibilities clearly defined – and our Directors actively review them.  This includes monitoring timekeeping, how effective diary management and instruction is as well as ensuring vehicles are fit for purpose. 


  • Communications with clients and students are regularly checked to ensure we are responding to your needs,  and we are active in seeking your feedback. 




  • In car sessions are regularly checked by our Directors to ensure high instruction standards are being maintained. 


  • Monthly in house training supports Instructors to keep on top of new teaching methods and prepare for their standards checks. 


  • Test results for each student are reviewed to identify trends and training needs.


  • Dedicated call lines into our Directors give our customers the opportunity to talk to us and raise any issues or questions (01722 705555 or 07919 488360)


Using Tech & Social Media to Support You! 


  • Our instructors use cutting edge technology / IT and coaching tools – My Drive Time Diary Management and Student App.  keep you fully informed on lessons and costs.


  • All our students are offered links to our Student App and there are linked resources to help them to our Drive.Zone materials.



  • Drive Hart also sponsor free Podcasts on most UK wide directories like Spotify – just type in  Teaching a learner to Drive?” on your podcast directory to get free access to some key teaching tips



Safeguarding and Responding to what you say!


  • Safeguarding and professional standards in instruction are are top priorities to keep students safe as they learn.  A dedicated Safeguarding Officer oversees this key aspect of our operations.


  • Our clients and customers are routinely asked for their feedback – through questionnaires and by calling back our learner students to check on the quality of their lessons.


Creating a Support Community – Drive.Zone 


  • An active community programme is sponsored by Drive Hart – called the Drive.Zone on facebook public groups-  providing free access to a wide range of podcasts, videos and advice to students and parents


  • We have established free specialist advice groups for parents undertaking private practice with learners found on facebook public group called Parents Teaching a learner to Drive?


Critical Safety Marker! 


Most importantly, Drive Hart Instructors ensure their Students have achieved the standard of a safe and competent driver,  before we will present them for the UK Driving Test in line with DVSA policy on ensuring your ready to pass.   


“Supporting and coaching our students to achieve safe driving skills for a lifetime driving is our absolute goal –

students and parents can expect the highest level of support from our Instructors and wider Admin Team”

Sarah Hart (Founder / Director)