Safety Secured!

Safety Secured!

Parents and students need to know that when they are taking lessons they are safe and secure. Students should emerge from their lessons as safe and competent drivers who are also well prepared for the Driving Test in line with DVSA guidance – Ready to Pass. Drive Hart achieve this by having clearly defined Safeguarding and Safety policy and also by taking the following steps:

  • Making sure students emerge as safe and competent drivers – who are also well prepared for their test
  • Making sure all our instructors are highly trained and approved by the DVSA.  
  • Ensuring all our Instructors are given safeguarding advice and training annually
  • Having a dedicated Safeguarding Officer and Operations Manager, (at Director level), who are responsible for checking in with clients and students
  • Maintaining a confidential reporting and complaints process for students or parents to raise any concerns directly with our Directors. 
  • Checking all our Associate instructors have properly maintained and insured cars which are suitable for providing manual or automatic lessons  
  • Quality assuring and checking instruction standards by observing Instructors teaching students in car
  • Running regular training for our instructors to keep them updated on changes to law, policy and procedures 
  • Maintaining our Government Registration as an A Graded ORDIT Training Establishment, with all our Directors being ORDIT Registered
  • Ensuring our students have clear student terms and conditions when they start lessons with us, setting out what our responsibilities are
  • Enabling students to see the syllabus and their progress via a student app. and to support private practice by family and parents.

Most importantly, Drive Hart Instructors must ensure their Students have achieved the standard of a safe and competent driver,  before we will present them for the UK Driving Test.  

“Safeguarding Students is critically important; parents and students in our charge can expect professional driving services, delivered in a safe learning environment. One of the most fundamental safety issues is ensuring students are trained to be safe and competent drivers, who are well prepared for their test”

Sarah Hart (Founder / Director)