Launching – Webinars for Parents

Launching – Webinars for Parents

Supervising a Learner Driver? Drive Hart want to make sure you get the best value out of our Instructor Training, by working in active partnership with you.

This ensures you not only get the most out of your paid instruction, but gives you a clearer understanding of the driving test. We will work with you to help plan your private practice and these Webinars are a key resource for you use to ensure practice is a well planned, effective and positive experience for both you and the learner.

Working in partnership will definitely accelerate learning and help to save you money on professional instruction!

We have published the first taster Webinar for you free on YouTube:

  • The Driving Test 2020 Unpacked – Free Taster Webinar
  • Speed, Pace and Control – Webinar covering how to manage early practice session on the road
  • Subject by Subject Webinars – Key tips and tools (Roundabouts, Junctions, Manoeuvres etc in syllabus order)
  • Teat Ready – Road Safe – Webinar covering when a student is ready for test.
  • Fault Identification and Rectification – Webinar covering common faults and how to rectify them.
  • The on-demand Webinars will be offered on paid basis, and will be accessed via this website.

Don’t forget that we also offer free resources on our YouTube Channel